January 8, 2024

4 Women of David, a new theater production coming!

Very excited to announce this coming theater production! My premiere as an actress. A music-drama, about fear, survival and victory. The coming months will take me to a deep dive into the mind of Bathsheba and King David. Great cast and a great director. And I’m thankful  for the great script!

A word from the producer, Leen la Rivière :

Januari 8, 2024: Maria Markesini in a leading role in a spectacular music-theater show: ‘The 4 Women of David’ on the occasion of the 55 years of The  Continentals, with 4 actresses, starring Maria Markesini as Queen Bathseba.

The Continentals have built a name for themselves with their gospel musicals: It’s Getting Late (1972 about the end times); The Apostle (on Paul, 1973); And There Was Light (1980); The Dreamer (about Joseph 1983 and 1994); Elijah (about the prophet Elisha 1987); David (1998); You are not alone (2000). 

If you look closely at these outstanding shows, it turns out that it is actually always about men or looking at things from a male perspective. Leen La Rivière (leader of The Continentals) started thinking about a new program in 2000, but this time from a female perspective. That powerful story was found in the wives of David, because they have experienced the entire journey of David. A change of King at that time in those countries usually ended dramatically for the women, they could then be murdered, exiled, enslaved and the brothers of the new king were often also murdered.The 4 wives of David:

Michal, the first wife had to divorce David, after David fled and was given away to a wealthy citizen, a supporter of her father King Saul.  Abigail, David’s second wife, was first married to a wealthy farmer, who suffered a heart attack. Then she joined David. This was during his partisan time, always on the run from Saul. The third wife is Bathsheba. She became David’s wife in David’s Jerusalem period. The fourth wife is Abishag, who cared for David at the end of his life.

This piece, David’s 4 Women, is a theater play with 4 actresses, interspersed with music by The Continentals (a group of singers led by Betthilde-Keij-Oldenhuis). The dance comes from the Aviv dance company.

This drama about fear and survival will be performed once on Saturday, June 8 in the Basiliek, Veenendaal,the Netherlands.

Elly Zuiderveld: Michal
Maria Markesini: Bathsheba
Alexandra Smith: Abigail
Sjoukje Minkema: Abisag
Direction: Erwin van Heusden (known -among many other works- from “the Passion” in the Netherlands)
Narrator : Andries Knevel
Script: Leen la Rivière
Music : The Continentals
Dans : Aviv Dance Company

8 June 2024, 20:00, Veenendaal, the Netherlands, De Basiliek
Tickets can be ordered via https://www.eventsforchrist.nl/order/vier-vrouwen-van-david



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