MARIA MARKESINI – KOSMO / Etcetera records

Maria Markesini, vocals
Richard Bona, vocals, percussion, electric bass
Bert van den Brink, piano, hammond, accordion
Clemens van der Feen, double bass
Jasper van Hulten, drums
Mehmet Polat, Ud

Read the review from RONDO magazine (original German text in the link below):

Maria Markesini is a natural phenomenon. The fact that this young woman from Greece is able to look fascinatingly into the camera like an exciting mixture of the still young Isabelle Huppert and a Pippi Longstocking who has just grown up may be in a class of its own. In any case, as a singer – and we are here to judge this – she easily passes as the greatest discovery since Roberta Gamberini. Her tremendous charisma comes from this authentic equivalent of cheeky freshness and an almost boyish silvery timbre that is reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell. What usually divides the group of singers, the contrast between singing and whispering, is eliminated with her: with her natural intensity, every song sounds exactly the way you think it should sound, even if you’ve heard it differently countless times. Maria Markesini didn’t even study jazz or singing, but is a trained concert pianist who was discovered as a singer by chance. For this CD, producer Bob Hagen has brought her together with the excellent trio of pianist Bert van den Brink. Alongside Maria Markesini, he wrote the majority of the consistently bright and cheerful arrangements. Depending on the title, he also plays the accordion and organ. The illustrious singer and electric bassist Richard Bona from Cameroon can be heard as a guest on three numbers. But there’s nothing of pretentious effort! The two act as a duo as an inspiring unit. The varied program, which forms a harmonious whole thanks to Markesini’s personality, ranges from a rousing Dylan song to classic jazz ballads and Greek songs to a charming “C’est si bon”, which will transport you into Parisian spring frenzy. Infatuated, the finger is already looking for the repeat button.


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