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Bold, free-spirited, passionate, intense, joyful, lucid. Emotions interwoven within my music. Classical music flows in my veins, an integral part of my being. However, I’ve always admired the audacity and liberty displayed by jazz musicians on stage. Beyond music, there’s the profound influence of Faith. As a missionary’s daughter, I became entranced by its power. An ever-present force propelling me forward throughout my life’s journey.


I was born in Greece, but love brought me to the Netherlands, where I still live today. Nowadays, both countries feel like home and I hold both nationalities.
My formative years deeply entrenched in piano practice and exploration, it became clear that I would dedicate myself to a formal education in classical piano.


This educational odyssey commenced at the Athens Conservatory in Greece and took me through prestigious institutions such as the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium, ultimately culminating in my graduation as a certified classical piano soloist. Always fueled by a passion to perform, I’ve been on a quest to bridge various styles of music. Yet, seated behind the piano, I always had a profound sense there was more within me to share. An unexpected arm injury altered my path. With a temporary break from piano performances, I started experimenting with my voice, just for the joy of it. Unexpectedly, this sparked a new chapter as a vocalist. Initially surprised and hesitant, I now predominantly perform as a jazz and gospel vocalist. Although I sporadically indulge in classical concerts, I aspire to allocate more time to this musical avenue in the near future.


Embarking on this musical odyssey, toggling between the piano and my voice, between classical and contemporary genres, often evoked the sense of traversing Alice’s Wonderland. The thrill of performing throughout Europe has been an exhilarating adventure, in concert halls, churches, and esteemed jazz and classical music festivals. Whether presenting solo recitals or joining forces with orchestras and big bands like the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Trier Symphonic Orchestra, the Elbland Philharmonic Orchestra, and many others, each experience has left an indelible mark. Collaborations with remarkable artists such as Bert van den Brink, the Klazz brothers, Richard Bona, James Morrison, Candy Dulfer, Mimis Plessas, and a myriad of others have added a layer of pure joy to this journey. The map of my musical ventures has expanded across Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldavia, and Turkey—each performance a note of gratitude.


In recent years, my unwavering passion and deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ have blossomed into a significant facet of my musical expression. Playing within churches and the vibrant gospel scene has become a calling, aligning with my faith. Bringing art into a church, and reciprocally infusing spirit into a concert hall, brings me immense happiness. I eagerly anticipate the day we can share the magic of live music, come together to celebrate life, embrace the freedom it brings, and bask in the beauty of faith. See you soon at a live concert!


Lots of love, Maria





“Talents and skills remain hidden for many people during a lifetime. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Greek Maria Markesini who lives and works in the Netherlands. The classical pianist discovered her singing talent by chance. Anyone who hears this fascinating, clear voice will thank the entire Greek pantheon knelt before her.
BERLINER POST newspaper, Germany


A whisper spread in the audience of the Trier Opera as soon as Maria Markesini appeared on stage. With her long red hair, porcelain skin and designer clothes, she immediately appeared extravagant and captivating. But her real magic begins the moment she begins to sing. A voice with increasingly diametrically changing colors. Without any effort or force, the deep and low charming vibrato sounds and the higher octave sounds of a coloratura soprano were exchanged. Airy, fragile, tender and otherworldly effortless, and at the same time powerful and full of fiery passion. All this, together with the talent of a true performer on stage and a natural instinct for tension, drama and humor.”
VOLKSFREUND, newspaper, Germany


The minister Kurt Biedenkopf was so impressed by her performance at the Museum of Modern Art in Dresden that he asked the German press to write more about ‘this great musical force of nature’, as he called Markesini.”
SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG  newspaper,  Germany


A Volcanoperformed the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. This fire is the Greek-born singer Maria Markesini and she is like a fascinating Greek goddess with red hair and beautiful appearance. Her voice is full, powerful, seductive, passionate and fiery, but at the same time as a seductive melody, soft and poetic panting. In one word, simply: Beautiful ”


“The dynamic and completely unpretentious interpretation of pianist and singer Maria Markesini wins us over completely. Maria Markesini is a natural phenomenon. As a singer she is perhaps the greatest discovery since Roberta Gambarini. Each song sounds with a natural, spontaneous power, as a song would should sound regardless of whether you have heard it many times.
RONDO Magazine, Germany


“Maria Markesini brings with her unique voice and interpretation the weight of the cultural heritage of the entire European continent. She proves that the common currency of Europe is not the euro, but the sung word.”
 DIE WELT newspaper, Germany

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