Maria Markesini's unique voice and interpretation signifies the cultural heritage of the entire European continent. She proves that the common currency of Europe is not the euro, but the sung word.
DIE WELT, Germany

About  Maria

Bold, free-spirited, passionate, intense, joyful, lucid. Emotions interwoven within my music. Classical music flows in my veins, an integral part of my being. However, I’ve always admired the audacity and liberty displayed by jazz musicians on stage.


Beyond music, there’s the profound influence of Faith. As a missionary’s daughter, I became entranced by its power. An ever-present force propelling me forward throughout my life’s journey.

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8 June 2024 
Veenendaal , 
The Netherlands, 

4 Women of David

Maria Markesini in a leading role in a spectacular music-theater show: ‘The 4 Women of David’ on the occasion of the 55 years of The  Continentals, with 4 actresses, starring Maria Markesini as Queen Bathseba.


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